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Terms & Conditions for Reservations Made Online Through Our Website

When making an online reservation through this website, the guest agrees to the following terms & conditions :

The guest:

  • agrees that he/she has listed desired special requests on the reservation form (and, if applicable, specified that he/she will be arriving late and gave an estimated time at which he/she will arrive). He/she understands that if he/she does not properly lists his/her request(s) that the facility may not fulfill his/her request(s).

  • agrees to pay the price as listed (on the official Rates/Prices calendar) or as stated by a staff member along with other government/business charges (eg. local tax, pet fee, number of rooms, etc.) at arrival in a form of cash or credit/debit.

    • Personal checks, ApplePay, SamsungPay are not accepted.

    • Traveler's checks, all major credit/debit cards (including those with chip readers), and cash are accepted.

    • If you are unsure what your total is, please email us at JubMotel@Gmail.com or call us at 228-432-1984.

  • agrees that he/she has confirmed availability either by looking at the official Rates/Prices calendar online or with a Jubilee Inn staff member.  (If you would like to view our Rates/Prices calendar, please press here.)

  • agrees that Jubilee Inn holds the right to cancel any reservation that does not meet the requirements listed on the reservation form and terms & conditions and as an authority of Jubilee Inn.