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  • How old do I have to be to check-in?  18 years old or older

  • When is check-in time? 1 p.m.  If you would like to check-in sooner than 1 p.m. or are planning to arrive late, please contact us at 228-432-1984 for special arrangements.

  • *Do you have a free breakfast? Yes (7am-10am), we offer a free continental breakfast consisting of a variety of cereal, muffins, doughnuts, bagels, bananas, boiled eggs, English muffins, toast, orange juice, coffee, milk, and a *new favorite: waffles

  • How close is the motel to the beach? We are located right across the street from the beach.  The beach can be seen from the pool and on the second floor balconies.

  • Can guests walk to the beach? Yes, there is a street light located near the motel that allows for safe crossing to the beach.

  • Are there restaurants nearby? Yes, there are a variety of seafood and casual eateries near us.  Visit the Contact Us page to view a map of the surrounding locations.

  • Do you have a pool? Yes, there is an outdoor pool (2 ft - 6 ft)

  • What about the jacuzzi room? The jacuzzi room is a special one king-sized bedroom that is open to be rented.  (More information about the jacuzzi room is found on the Rooms page)

  • What amenities are offered? Every room is equipped with a flat screen TV, microwave, and refrigerator.  The motel also offers a pool, soda and snack machine, free breakfast, and laundry facility for guests.

  • How do I make a reservation? Reservations can be made online or through the phone by calling 228-432-1984. (More information on how to make a reservation online is found on the Make a Reservation Online page)

  • Do you accept pets? Yes, there is a pet fee to allow pets to stay in rooms with guests.  Our pet policy limits the accepted weight to be 40 lbs.  The pet fee may not appear on reservation websites, such as Expedia, and will be charged at time of check-in.  Call us at 228-432-1984 for more information.

  • Do you have a shuttle bus to the casinos? There is a shuttle bus to the Treasure Bay casino that picks up guests at the motel and brings them back for free.  Contact the front-desk clerk to schedule pick up.

  • Can I check out late? Yes, for a late check-out, inform the front-desk clerk and $10 will be charged every hour after 11 a.m.

  • How do I cancel a reservation? If the reservation was made online through one of our third party websites, please go back to the website the reservation was made and cancel the reservation on the website or call the website's customer service line number listed on the Reserve Through a 3rd Party page.  If the reservation was made through the phone, contact us at 228-432-1984 to cancel at least 24 hours before reserved date of arrival.  If the reservation was made through this website, please press here to cancel online.

  •  Do you have free wi-fi? Yes, there is free wi-fi for all guests.  The wi-fi password is given at check-in.

  • Do you have a coffee pot in the room? Coffee pots are given at request at the front desk to guests.

  • Can I pay through the phone with a credit card? Credit card payments are accepted online.  If you want to pay through the phone, a fax is required with a picture of the ID of the cardholder. Please contact us at 228-432-1984 before doing so for more information.

  • Do you have a banquet room for events? No.

  • Are all of the rooms open to the outside? Yes, all of our rooms conveniently open to the outside, so guests have easy access to their cars and can easily bring in all of their luggage.

  • Do you have a max number of people that can stay in one room? Yes, there is a max of 4 persons per room.

  • Do you have smoking and non-smoking rooms? Yes, both are the same price.

  • Do the rooms have flat screen TVs? All rooms do have flat screen TVs.

  • What kind of TVs do you have? Rooms now have LED flat screen TVs.

  • What channels do you have? We have a list of our channels online: CLICK HERE

  • What credit cards do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and those including chip readers.

  • Do you accept ApplePay/Samsung Pay? No, we currently do not accept any payments made with a smart phone.

  • Do you take cash? Yes.

  • Do you accept debit cards? Yes.

  • Do you accept checks? We only accept traveler's checks but not personal checks.

  • Are you hiring? We hire competent workers during certain periods that are open as listed on the Careers page. Please email or contact us at 228-432-1984 for more information.  (More information is available on the Careers page)

  • Do you have handicap rooms? Yes.

  • How many stories is the motel? The motel has two stories: bottom/first floor and second floor.  If you prefer a top or bottom floor room, please let the front-desk clerk know during check-in or specify while making the reservation.

  • Is there room for Cruisin' the Coast cars? Yes, there is a parking space in front of every room and a yard area near the front of the motel, where guests like to pull out chairs and tents to view the passing cars.

  • What was renovated during the Mar 2018 Spring Renovation? Our rooms have been updated to include a flat screen LED TV & modern carpet and bed designs.  Our free continental breakfast has also expanded, including a waffle maker.

Outdoor Pool for Guests
The Biloxi Beach can be seen from the nice motel pool.
Extended Stay Suite Kitchen
The Jubilee Inn offers an extended stay suite equipped with a full kitchen, including a microwave, fridge, and stove.
Free Continental Breakfast for Guest
The Jubilee Inn offers a free continental breakfast for guests in the lobby to sit and enjoy the morning.
Free Continental Breakfast for Guest
The Jubilee Inn offers a free continental breakfast for guests in the lobby that includes a variety of food, including a new favorite: waffles.
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